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Join us for Summer 10s

Jump on the link to register your team. As always, spots are limited so get in quick!

All teams must have a qualified coach and sports trainer to register.


  • 10 players on the field per side

  • Unlimited interchange

  • 10 minute halves - 2 minute half time

  • 5 tackles per set

  • Player who scores converts

  • Conversions are drop goals behind the goal post back into the field of play. In line with where the try was scored.

  • 20 second shot clock for conversions

  • The scoring team will dropkick to restart play

  • 3 minute sin bins. A send off will result in exclusion from the carnival

  • The clock for the next game will start 3 minutes from the end of the previous regardless if teams are ready.

  • 2 points for a win | 1 point for a draw | 0 for a loss

  • A draw in points from pool games will be decided on for and against.

  • A draw in the finals will trigger 5 minutes each way of extra time and decided on golden point.

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