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Darren Piggott

Darren is our President and Coaching Coordinator for 2021. In addition, to this Darren spends countless hours mowing and maintaining the grounds along with our Grounds Coordinator.  In his non footy time Darren runs Whitsunday Civil and has four children with his wife Mon.


Craig Snell

Craig is not only Vice President of our club he is also President of the Senior Club and spearheads the Summer 10s carnival each year.  When he is not helping out around the club he and his wife Jess run Snell's Electrical and have 3 children.


Mon Piggott

Monika is our Secretary, Grants Coordinator, Under 12s team Manager and Trainer. In her spare time, Mon works at Aurizon and raises 4 children.


Kellie Homewood

Kellie our Treasurer is not only heavily involved in our club she is also the Secretary of Bowen Cricket.  Year round Kellie spends countless hours ensuring the kids of Bowen are involved in sport.  When she is not at footy or cricket Kellie is Practice Manager at Whitsunday Ultrasound and has 2 boys.



Emily Herrington

Em previously our Canteen Coordinator has accepted a new challenge in 2021 assisting Kellie as Treasurers Assistant.  When Em is not helping out at the club, she works at Kidz at the Beach and raises 3 boys.  Ems and her husband Brett also spend countless weekends ferrying their boys to Mackay to play in the Mackay Hockey Competition.


Alicia Fletcher

Our registrar for 2021 is Alicia Fletcher.  Alicia has volunteered with the club for many years as Team Manager and Sports Trainer. Alicia is Practice Manager at Queens Beach Medical and has 3 children.


Clint Mason

Clint has been our Grounds Coordinator for many years.  He spends countless hours each week moving hoses to water both fields.  During business hours Clint runs Bowen Towing and raises 3 Children.


Brent Edgerton

Brent can always be found close to the bar.  He has 3 Children and works at Abbot Point.

As you can see our volunteer committee members lead very busy working and family lives and we want to thank each of them for giving up their own personal time to help our club.  If we didn't have such devoted and dedicated volunteer base then we wouldn't be able to get the kids out on the field and playing the best game of all.  Our volunteer committee members are always willing to help should you have and questions, queries or problems.  We do ask that your respect their time and realise they may not always be available straight away but will always aim to help as best they can as quickly as possible. We are always on the look out for volunteers to help our in and around the grounds throughout the year so please consider helping out when you can. Many hands make light work.


Kerri-Ann Ayling

Kerri has taken on the new role as FAO Coordinator, Kerri also Managers the Under 8s team and has volunteered at the club for many years.  Kerri works at Industry Fire Safety and raises 3 children.


Kelly Telford

Kelly is responsible for all our sponsorship, promotions, website and events.  In addition to volunteering for us she is also the Secretary of Bowen Athletic Club.  Kelly works at Abbot Point and has 2 children.


Karen Lavering

Karen has kindly taken on the Volunteer Coordinator role for 2021.  Karen also runs the local touch competition, works at council and raises 3 children


Rowan Gordon


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