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2023 Whitsunday Civil
Bowen Summer 10s

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Registration for the 2023 Summer 10s is open.

Click the link to register.

The Bowen Summer 10s Carnival was started in 2012 by Bryan Horstman to raise money for cancer research after Bryans father died of the disease. In the years since, the carnival has raised thousands of dollars to support cancer charities and local health organisations as well as contributed to numerous individuals battling cancer.


in addition, the carnival contributes a portion of profits each year to the hosts: Bowen Seagulls Junior Rugby League to support the reduction in registration fees. This greatly assist the Seagulls execute our Mission Statement and spirit "We will provide the opportunity for any child or young person, irrespective of ability or background to learn the game, play the game and love the game."

Over the years the competition has grown from a handful of Bowen and Burdekin teams to up to 24 teams of approx. 400 players from across the region.


Next years carnival will be held on 25 February 2023, and is shaping up to be bigger than ever before.


  1. 20 Prise Boys

  2. Bandits

  3. Bohle Bullterriers

  4. Boonti Busters

  5. Bowen Specials

  6. Burdekin Delta

  7. Burdekin Old Boys

  8. Carltons

  9. Chargers

  10. Fiji Time

  11. Island Time

  12. Magpies United

  13. Muddies

  14. Norths Devils

  15. Seagulls

  16. Two Colts Wranglers

  17. Whitsunday Brahmans


  1. Baddies

  2. Burdekin Delta

  3. Burdekin Hens

  4. Carltons

  5. Coastal Neurs

  6. Norths Devils

  7. QPS Tropic Thunder

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